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Reactivate Your Google Ad Grant Account

Reactivate Your Google Ad Grant Account

If your organization has a Google Ad Grants which has gotten canceled you may be nervous that you are about to lose the $10,000 per month Google Ads Grant.  This is certainly a legitimate risk and since the 2018 rules change more Google Ads accounts have been getting suspended or canceled.  Compliance with Google Ad Grant rules has been getting harder over time and it can be tough for a nonprofit managing their own account to stay in compliance.
While Google can and does permanently cancel accounts, when you initially find out that your account is suspended or cancelled, you usually have a window in which to fix things and reg your account reactivated.  This article can tell you how.



How to reactivate your Google Ad Grant

1. Review The Information on the Suspension Alert

If you get an account suspension alert, you should look to see if a reason for the suspension is listed in the email you receive.  This can provide important information on what you will need to address.  You will need to act in a timely manner to rectify the issue and make sure the situation does not become permanent.

2. Review the Google Ad Grant policy

Look at the information on Google’s website specifically the Google Ad Grant Policy where it lays out the requirements to stay in the Google Ad Grants program.  See which rules you have not been complying with and read through the context of the suspension alert that you received.

Make sure that you are complying with all of the rules.  Make changes to your Google Ads account to address any areas where you were out of compliance.  Even if it is not mentioned in the suspension alert, if you run afoul of any other Google Ad Grants rules it can cause additional time and headaches in getting your account reinstated.

3. Submit the Google Ad Grant reactivation Form

Once you believe that your account is in compliance you can submit the Google Ad Grant reactivation form that Google has requesting that your account be reactivated.  You will need to know your Google Accounts ID and enter the relevant information and the request for the account to be reinstated.

Prior to this step if you need any guidance you can contact Google Ads support.  The easiest way to do this is by chatting with a Google representative by selecting the Contact Us link from your Google Ads account and following the prompts.  You can call as well though Google’s preferred contact method is their chat feature.

4. Wait For a Response

Once you have submitted the account reactivation form, you will likely get a response within 5 business days saying whether the account has been reactivated or if there are any other steps that you need to take to come into compliance with the Google Ad Grants program requirements.  If your account is reactivated then congratulations and you know for next time the steps you need to take to remain in compliance.

If the response from Google support is that there are still issues that you need to address, then your account will not yet be activated.  Instead, they will lay out some additional changes that you need to make.  You should then fix the issues that were specified.

5. Ask For Your Google Ads Account To Be Reviewed Again

Once you have fixed all of the issues that you were notified of, you should email Google to inform them that you believe the account is now in compliance with Google’s rules.  Google will then look to see if they agree that your account does in fact seem to be in accordance with the rules.  If it is, then you will are on your way to being reinstated.  If not then fix any additional issues and then reach back out to Google.

6. Receive the Good News

Once your account has been reactive, you should receive notice of the good news.  Your ads will start displaying again and when logged into your Google Ads account you will see a message confirming that the account has been reinstated.  You will want to make sure that going forward you are vigilant and keep your account in accordance with Google’s rules and make sure to routinely monitor your nonprofit’s compliance so that you do not potentially lose the $10,000 per month Google Ad Grant. If managing your Google Ad Grant is too difficult for you to do with your staff or if time is stretched thin, then please contact us.

Grant Republic specializes in helping Nonprofits better use their Google Ad Grant and stay in compliance with the numerous program requirements.  We’d love to talk to you about how we can make your Google Ad Grants even more effective and make the Google Ad management process easier.