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Using Google Ads To Promote A Message

Many nonprofits want to spread a message or educate the public on a topic.  Google Ads can be a great tool to get the word to the general public or those with a particular interest.  Using Google Ads to promote a message can be valuable because of the wide reach that Google Ads has and how targeted you can be.  For instance, a health charity dedicated to providing information to the public about a specific illness can post keywords related to the specific illness they are there to educate people about.  Similarly, an animal welfare organization may provide information on taking care of animals and information about a problem that they are addressing.

Typically nonprofits that advertise on Google Ads will have a Google Ad Grant account.  Nonprofits in the Google Ad Grants program are allocated $10,000 in free ads each month, but typically do not use most of this money and just let it go to waste each month.  Using ads to spread a message can be a great use for this additional wasted ad allocation and would not have any cost.  In addition, varying ads so some are about broadcasting a message, will allow the nonprofit to target new keywords and have new ads and increase their brand recognition.

Some nonprofits will have paid Google Ads accounts that are separate from their Google Ad Grants account and this too can be a good place for ads spreading a nonprofit’s message.  While a paid Google Ads account will have some costs it allows for some powerful marketing techniques that cannot be used with Google Ad Grants.  Among these are remarking, display ads, and posting ads on Google’s search partners.

For many nonprofits, educating the public or promoting a point of view is the nonprofit’s charitable purpose.  In that case, by using Google Ads, these nonprofits are performing their program services and advancing their mission.  Some nonprofits think of ads as a way to increase their donations and get names to later target in future fundraising campaigns.  However, this way of thinking misses all of the other great ways to use Google Ads.

At Grant Republic, we can help your nonprofit promote its message on Google Ads and Google Ad Grants.  If you’d like more information about Google Grants or our services, please contact us.