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Why we started Grant Republic, LLC

We Have a Mission to Help Nonprofits Thrive

Our team has decades of experience in the nonprofit sector.  We were founded by Stephen Urich, who has been the CEO of multiple consulting firms who focus on helping nonprofits.  Most recently he was the CEO of Labyrinth, Inc.  We know nonprofits well and have the Google Ads and Google Grants expertise that many nonprofits do not have in-house.

Google Experts

We are a marketing agency that specializes in Google Grants and helping nonprofits use Google Ads effectively. We both help your nonprofit apply for a Google Grant account and help you set up and administer your Google Ads account.
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Simple Process

We make the process easy. We provide easy to read dashboards so you can easily track how your Google Ads are doing and we do all the heavy lifting involved with administering the Google Ads account.
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No-Risk Approach

We do not charge anything for Google Grant acquisition! We have month-to-month pricing options with no long-term commitments. We know you will be impressed with our results so we do not require you to commit up front.
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