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Getting Started With Microsoft Advertising

Why Nonprofits Should Get Started With Microsoft Advertising

While Google is the 800-pound gorilla of the search engine marketing space, it does have competitors, the biggest of which is Microsoft Advertising.  Microsoft does not offer an equivalent program to Google Grants, but it does have a service very similar to Google Ads.  If your nonprofit is having success on Google Ads, it may make sense to expand your practice to Microsoft Ads.  Getting Started With Microsoft Advertising can be very easy, but it takes time to make your nonprofit’s count efficient.

Importing Google Ads Settings Into Microsoft Ads

The easiest way of Getting Started With Microsoft Advertising and setting up a Microsoft Ads account is to import your Google Ads campaign into Microsoft Ads.  Microsoft has an easy tool to do this as part of the process of setting up a new account.  This tool copies over a great deal of the detail in your existing Google Ads account such as keywords, campaigns, ads, etc., and thus can be a great time saver.   However, additional configuring of the account will be needed.

Tips For Nonprofits On Setting Up A Microsoft Ads Account

When you set up your Microsoft Ads account for your nonprofit, keep in mind that there are numerous subtle differences between how Google Ads and Microsoft Ads operate.  For instance, Microsoft Ads treats the broad match operator a little differently than Google Ads does and this can cause your ad to appear for keyword searches in Microsoft Ads that it would not show for in Google Ads.  You thus need to be careful and watch your ad spend and make sure to refine the Microsoft campaign and use its import tool as a starting place and time saver, but not as the ultimate way you will want your Microsoft account structured.  We here at Grant Republic can of course help you if you’ would like to set up your Microsoft account and can help you maintain it over time as well.  Contact us today if you’d like to discuss our services.