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Promoting Events and Activities In Google Ads

Promoting Events and Activities In Google Ads can be very effective.  Despite this, nonprofits often do not typically think of Google Ads as a way to promote events and other activities. By promoting ads, they can increase awareness and website traffic and often can do this at no additional cost if they are in the Google Ad Grants Program.

How To Promote Events in Google Ads

To promote one-off events nonprofits can create temporary ad groups to let people know about various events that they are hosting.  This can be for nonprofit fundraising events such as fundraising galas and fun runs, but can also be for program services.  If you provide services that you would like the general public to know about, Google Ads can be a great resource to get the word out to those who could benefit and take advantage of these.

You will want to make sure you only run these campaigns during the appropriate period.  This can mean both making sure not to promote an event that is over, but also thinking about promoting ads more than a couple of days before the event rather than at times too far in advance for individuals to take action.  If these are in-person events, you will also want to make sure to make the ads for the event only show in a specific geographic area that matches the individuals who may be potentially interested in attending.

Using Google Ads to promote events is a particularly good way for a nonprofit to use their Google Ad Grants ad allocation.  This is because this will open up a whole new set of keywords and ads you can use in your account to attract additional web traffic.  Since many nonprofits do not fully use up their $10,000 Google Ad Grants allowance each month, any extra campaigns and ad groups promoting events will be beneficial and will likely not cost anything additional.

The other techniques for nonprofits to promote events effectively on Google Ads are similar to the standard best practices for setting up a Google Ad Grants account.  Feel free to contact us for a free consultation if you’d like more help.