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Using Google Ads to Recruit Volunteers

Google Ads can be used to recruit volunteers.  While recruiting volunteers may not be what most nonprofits think of when they set up their Google Ads account or apply for a Google Ad Grants, using Google Ads to Recruit Volunteers can intriguing use of Google Ads.  Google Ads can also help recruit interns and staff during the current tight labor market.

Just as Google Ads can promote goods or services, it can also key on certain keywords or target certain specific audiences and let them know about volunteer opportunities.  The ads should be targeted with ad content about volunteering opportunities and lead visitors to a landing page that lists opportunities to volunteer at the organization and provides reasons to do so and a call to action. The call to action should also motivate the potential volunteers by letting them know the good that they will achieve by volunteering.  You can often sway someone to action with calls to their emotions.  The copywriting principles used for ads to recruit volunteers will likely be similar to those used in the marketing you use to attract donors.

You should have ads focused on attracting volunteers in their own campaigns or ad groups with a tight group of keywords related to volunteer opportunities.  The keywords used by the ad group should also appear in the headlines and descriptions of the ads you run.  This will help these ads show up more often and in a higher position.  Both of these things help get your ads seen by more people which increases the likelihood of finding good volunteers.

You can choose separate keywords such as “volunteer opportunity near me” that are more likely to appeal to those you are trying to recruit.  Search ads appearing on Google are a good way to target those searching for volunteer opportunities.  However, other options like search ads on Google’s search partners, YouTube, Gmail, and remarketing ads can all be useful in attracting volunteers as well.  Please note that most of these are not allowed under the Google Ad Grant program, but certainly are options for a paid Google Ad account.  For those wondering if an organization can have both a Google Ad Grants account as well as a paid Google Ads account, the answer is yes.

There are numerous ways Google Ads can be used and it can be useful to have some campaigns that think outside the box and help the organization in ways beyond just trying to recruit donors.  Grant Republic can help your nonprofit use its Google Ads account more effectively.  Schedule a free consultation today!