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Google Grants Eligibility Requirements

Once awarded a Google Ad Grant, your nonprofit must follow certain Google ad grants eligibility requirements on an ongoing basis to keep the grant. Failure to comply will lead to the suspension of your account. These requirements include:
  1. Your ads must point to only one domain.
  2. Each active campaign in your Google account must have at least two active ad groups.
  3. Each ad group must have a minimum of two active ads.
  4. Your geo-targeting must be restricted to your area of service.
  5. Targeted keywords and ad copy must match your nonprofit’s programs.
  6. Your keywords must maintain a quality score of at least 3.
  7. Your account must maintain an overall click-through rate of at least 5%.
  8. Your ads copy cannot offer financial products.
  9. Your Google ads account must meet minimum requirements.
  10. The landing pages for your ads must not contain many links to outside sources.