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How Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are another good way for nonprofits to advertise online.  Facebook can be central to nonprofit’s digital marketing and is certainly key to any charity’s social media marketing effort. While most people these days are familiar with Facebook, many are not familiar with using Facebook Ads for fundraising.  This article tells about how to use Facebook Ads and why they are a powerful tool for nonprofits and charities.

Facebook is a powerful advertising platform in large part due to its huge reach.  However, it is not just its number of users that makes Facebook such a great platform for nonprofits to advertise on.  Facebook allows you to tailor audiences based on interests and demographics and hone in on the specific individuals that the nonprofit wants to reach.  This ability to accurately target a specific audience makes it a great tool to get out a message or connect with possible supporters and donors.

Facebook ads can be used to promote posts and the organization’s Facebook presence, send people to the organization’s website, or having them fill out an interest form directly on the Facebook website.  Facebook Ads can be used to find supporters, volunteers, to educate the public or change public opinion.  Similar to Google Ads, you can have multiple campaigns with multiple ads and audiences and use Facebook for many purposes.

Facebook offers many ad types such as carousel ads and standard text and image ads which look like Facebook posts.  It makes sense to try different ads and different ad targeting combinations together and see what works well for your account.  Facebook has standard click tracking and you can easily see the number of impressions and clicks that each ad gets.  Perhaps more importantly, Facebook allows you to track conversions and so you can see if the ads lead to newsletter submissions, donations, or any other action that you want to track.  Advanced conversion tracking generally requires the installation of a small piece of code, called a Meta Pixel, on your website so you may need to work with your web developer or webmaster to setup your Facebook campaign

Grant Republic can help nonprofits with their digital marketing and online fundraising.  If you are interested in learning more, contact us or set up a consultation.