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Nonprofit Yelp Ads

A social media website that some nonprofits overlook is Yelp.  Nonprofit Yelp Ads can however be very effective.  While many organizations may create a free Yelp account that allows people to find them and their services, most do not pay for a paid Yelp account.  A paid account promotes the organization and can make an organization more visible and get more exposure.

Yelp is primarily a geographic focused social media site and so a paid account makes more sense for a nonprofit providing services at a specific location as opposed to a nationwide nonprofit that does not really have location-based services.  A paid Yelp account is not for all nonprofits or even most nonprofits, but can be a good tool for some nonprofits.  Setting up a free yelp account is a definite step all nonprofits should take care of since there is really no downside to doing so other than the fact that a Yelp representative will occasionally call and ask you to switch to a paid account.  By creating a Yelp account, you can promote your organization and have it seen for local searchers.  It is similar to opening an account for Google Business which allows you to be more prominent to local searchers as well.

Many people think of Yelp primarily as a tool to pick a restaurant and it is true that around 1/3rd of the searches on Yelp are to find a place to eat.  However, most searches are not and Yelp does have a separate Community and Nonprofits category that people can use to find organizations like yours and locate services like the ones some nonprofits offer.  With 90,000,000 people visiting Yelp each month, there is enough traffic even for less common searches such as nonprofits.

A paid Yelp account is similar to a free Yelp account other than it gets you better exposure.  By paying for a paid ad, it will raise the organization to the top of the search results that Yelp returns and you can also pay for enhanced listing such as a call to action button or a video on your profile page.  In addition to seeing a nonprofit’s contact information on its profile page, Yelp also can provides a message buttons and a consultation button which can make it easy for individuals to connect with your organization and get the answers that they need.

Grant Republic helps nonprofits set up their Yelp ads and other online digital marketing ads.  Contact us today about our services.