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LinkedIn Ads for Nonprofits

In the current tight labor market, nonprofits are focused in getting and retaining good staff that can propel their organizations to the next level.  Many organizations use LinkedIn to recruit staff.  However, in addition to job postings, another valuable tool that you may want to use are LinkedIn ads for nonprofits.

LinkedIn ads for nonprofits can help nonprofits spread their message on a website where many professionals look.  These ads do not need to have anything to do with hiring, though they can.  We have found that it is often effective to spread a nonprofit’s message and increase brand awareness.  Like other advertising methods LinkedIn provides standard functionality such as conversion tracking which you should take advantage of.

To get started nonprofits would create a new campaign and choose an objective for the advertising campaign such as brand awareness or website clicks.  You can create multiple campaigns such as a standard website click campaign which is also augmented by a separate retargeting ad campaign.  Like other online advertising methods, it is important to target your ideal audience.  LinkedIn has a lot of targeting options that allow targeting based on demographics, job roles, and interests of the target.  You should make sure your ads are served to the correct target audience to ensure that you are using your advertising budget effectively.  After selecting your target audience, LinkedIn will show the size of the target audience selected.

While LinkedIn Ads are not the first advertising or marketing site that most nonprofits think of, with over 750,000,000 members worldwide it has sufficient scale that you should think about trying it out.  LinkedIn claims that its advertisers can get twice the conversions that they can get on other sites and points out that many on their site are decision makers at their companies.  It this has potential and can be worth it.  LinkedIn can run time-delimited ads and you can set a maximum daily budget so you can test an inexpensive ad for a couple weeks and determine if you are seeing a strong response and if so you can then continue the ad for a longer period or increase your budget.

If your nonprofit needs help with its digital marketing and fundraising, Grant Republic can help!  Contact us today to see how we can assist.